Estes Park Wedding Photographer

I’m Dave Russell and I specialize in photographing mountain weddings and portraits.   I’ve been shooting weddings in Estes Park and the Rocky Mountains for fifteen years.     I also enjoy shooting smaller weddings and elopements.   If you’re looking for a photographer who will document your wedding in an unobtrusive style, capturing the emotion and beauty of your day, I’d love to hear from you!


I admire the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and Peter Turnley and other great photojournalists.  I look to them for inspiration in my own photography.    Their images are timeless.  My goal when I shoot a wedding is to capture the story as it unfolds.  All the emotion, love and beauty of the day.   I think it’s all there.  I just need to photograph it.   Having photographed weddings for fifteen years, I’ve seen trends come and go.  But I believe that when couples I’ve worked with show their wedding photos to their children and grandchildren one day, the images won’t look like stylized photos from a bygone era. Rather, they’ll be timeless images that faithfully reflect that perfect day.


My friends describe me as generous, funny, courageous, curious, adventurous, genuine, contemplative and restless.   The restless part has kept me traveling whenever I get the chance.   I want to see the world.  All of it.  I’m planning trips to Sri Lanka, Paris and India and the Pacific NW this year.


As much as I love photography and travel, there’s nothing I’d rather do than hang out with my wife, Kristen, and my amazing daughters, Meghan and Amanda.  I’ve been lucky enough to combine hanging out with my family with my love of travel.  We manage to take at least one awesome trip a year as a family.  Last year we went to Paris, Normandy and Turkey.    Both my daughters are adults now, but we also manage to do a father/daughter trip every year.  Amanda and I went to Thailand and Cambodia last year and I’m going to Paris with Meghan this fall.


If I’m not shooting weddings, traveling or hanging out with my family, you’ll find me hiking with my border collie in the Rocky Mountains or exploring canyons in the Southwest.


I’m so proud of my amazing daughter, Meghan, who has created her own wedding photography business and has been shooting weddings for nine years.  Her work is amazing.  And as a recent bride herself, she’s in love with the whole wedding process.   Check out the best wedding photographer in Colorado at Visual Poetry by Meghan





This is me and my amazing daughter Meghan. We were on our way to a photography conference in Vegas in February 2015.